Most people imagine fixing crooked teeth as a choice between short-term and long-term dental beauty. If they straighten their teeth, they’ll have a more uniform smile in the long run, but they also have to deal with braces in the short run. While there’s nothing wrong with having braces, many dental patients don’t like the way their teeth look with them, making them less likely to address crooked teeth. But what if we told you that there was a way to get all the benefits of braces without having to deal with the way that they look?

Mann Family Dental offers Invisalign, a cutting-edge straightening device that leaves no sign it is there. The only impact is has on your appearance is to gradually shift your teeth into proper alignment, giving you a healthier and more beautiful smile. But other than that, you’ll hardly know that we installed it, so you’ll have no incentive not to straighten your teeth. Located at 3341 East Palmdale Drive in Wasilla, Mann Family Dental provides Invisalign and a range of other cosmetic dental services to patients all over Wasilla, Palmer, and the rest of the Mat-Su Valley.

The Benefits of Straightening your Teeth with Invisalign

Besides leaving no negative impact on your appearance, straightening your teeth with Invisalign has a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventing your teeth from impacting each other, so you don’t face an increased risk of oral bleeding or infection
  • Letting you straighten your teeth without affecting events where you want to look your best, giving you one less reason to postpone fixing alignment problems
  • Giving you the option of removing them on your own for brief periods, so you can take a break if they ever feel uncomfortable

Mann Family Dental installs Invisalign for adults and adolescents alike. We can also inspect your teeth for early signs of alignment problems, letting you know if you need Invisalign as soon as possible.

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