Cosmetic Dentistry

While most people think of cosmetics as decorative and unnecessary products, cosmetic dentistry is in fact highly necessary. If you fail to address alignment problems, chips, and other cosmetic tooth issues, you risk leaving your teeth vulnerable to serious health and hygiene problems. Mann Family Dental provides the full selection of cosmetic services, including:

Fixing Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are among the most serious cosmetic issues you can have. If your teeth aren’t aligned properly, they will collide with one another as they grow, putting pressure on each other and causing you serious pain. In the worst of scenarios, this can make you more vulnerable to infections, bleeding, and other serious dental and oral health problems.

The Mann team has no trouble fixing crooked teeth, both for adults and for children. We specialize in applying Invisalign, an invisible straightening device that adjusts your teeth without having any effect on their immediate appearance. With these services, you won’t notice any change in your teeth— except, of course, their gradual shift from crooked to straight.

Shoring Up Cracks & Chips

When a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, it doesn’t just affect the way it looks. It also leaves an opening for bacteria and plaque, leading to infections, cavities, and a wide range of other problems. By fixing chips and cracks at an early stage, we not only restore your smile to full beauty, but also give you a strong defense against dental health issues.

Brightening Stained Teeth

Whether from coffee, berries, wine, or any other starkly-colored foods, tooth stains have an immediate impact on your smile. Our team provides professional whitening, allowing us to quickly remove stains without having any negative impact on dental health. We also advise you on ways you can avoid future stains, such as by steering clear of certain foods and swishing water after you eat.

Mann Family Dental offers cosmetic and other dental services to patients across the Mat-Su Valley.


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